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Country Pine Farm CHristmas Trees
You select and cut your own tree from a large assortment. Fresh cut trees are displayed under cover at the back of the barn.

Have your tree hauled to the bundler by one of our workers or choose to bring it in yourself.

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Proud Sponsor of Trees for Troops Country Pine Farm is a proud sponsor of Trees for Troops !
Country Pine Farm Christmas Trees

We offer the highest quality trees in various sizes and species. All we grow are trees. We put all our care and efforts into managing an outstanding farm. Weed and pest control are high priorities. All trees are lightly trimmed to maintain their natural beauty. For customers who purchase a tree from us, FREE boughs are available

U-CUT TREES -- Fields of trees are labeled for your selection convenience.
All trees in the field up to 8 ft. tall are $50.00.(tax included)
The price is adjusted according to height for trees over 8 feet tall.
(Please try to cut your tree as close to the ground as possible.)
No chainsaws are allowed

Fresh trees Location at the side of the barn FRESH CUT TREES -- These trees vary in size and species. Their price may be slightly more than u-cuts. We only provide the freshest trees - they are located under cover at the side of the barn >>>

TABLE TOP TREES are located along the fences outside and near the barn

Blue Spruce Norway Spruce Fraser Fir Canaan Fir
Blue Spruce Norway Spruce Fraser Fir Canaan Fir
Make Country Pine Farm part of your Christmas traditions