Welcome to Country Pine Farm
The Zywiczynski Family
Standing: Laura, Jon, Mark, Karen, Jason
Sitting: Jake, Emma, Ann, Ray
Country Pine Farm Christmas Trees
Our Christmas tree farm has evolved over the past 30 years. Changing from a dairy farm to a Christmas tree farm has been a family project and commitment. Our love of the farm and its family history has made us passionate about our tree business. Fields that were primarily used for planting grain and providing pasture land are now filled with various species of trees including: blue spruce, Norway Spruce, Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir and Canaan Fir.

All our fields are plowed, disked, and then hilled with our custom designed equipment. Each spring, we plant our seedlings in this rich topsoil which helps with better and faster growth. Each time a Christmas tree is harvested, approximately 2 seedlings take its place thus making Christmas trees a renewable, sustainable crop. The trees are fertilized and hand sheared to maintain their natural beauty. Growing a quality Christmas tree is our main priority.

Our very first customers (many who still come to our farm today) had a very different farm experience than they have now. They cut and dragged their tree to their vehicle-- very different from the services we offer today. As customers spread the word about our farm and business increased, we needed a warming area. Our barn transformation began with the removal of the cow stalls and other dairy equipment. Our 1800's barn then became our present gift shop that is a big part of our customer's visit.

We are proud of our accomplishments and welcome you to our farm to enjoy the beautiful scenery and experience the tradition of cutting your own tree or buying a fresh cut tree. We cherish our customers and take pride in serving them throughout the years.

The Zywiczynski Family
Ray & Ann, Mark, Jason, Jon & Laura
Jake, Emma (the delightful grand kids)

Contact Email: Ann Zywiczynski (razywic@roadrunner.com)
Laura and Jon Zywiczynski
Ann & Ray Zywiczynski

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